SalenGo Features

SalenGo aims to minimize the time spent for billing services.
No useless feature, SalenGo goes straight to the point.

It allows you, with unparalleled simplicity, manage your customer base, issue invoices you make for them and control payments.
Your estimates and invoices are managed in a few clicks, archived and saved.

SalenGo will save you precious time!

Invoices, estimates and proforma

Faster, Easier, Simplier

  • Proposal to create
  • Estimates update
  • Automatic VAT
  • Automatic Numbering
  • Visualization and Reporting
  • Transfert estimates and proforma
  • Banner and footer
  • Checking quote online
  • Export to PDF and/or printing
  • Send email
  • Reports


  • Delivery Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Creation
  • Change
  • Calculation of VAT


  • Add / Update / Delete
  • Type of client (individual or professional)
  • Personal Notes

Products and Catalog

  • Managing the catalog online
  • Add / Update / Delete
  • VAT and Discount based on products or Services
  • Products online and offline
  • Description


  • Lying Report
  • Report by date, customer, product, location, etc. ...
  • Status Report (pending, future, paid late, etc ...)
  • Type of Payment (cash, check, credit card, transfer, etc ...)

More coming soon