Annoncing SalenGo Affiliate Program !
Affiliate Progam

Annoncing SalenGo Affiliate Program !

Do you tell others about SalenGo all the time? If so, today is your payday! Our new SalenGo Affiliate Program allows anyone with a website, a blog, or using one of your link to generate cash for each new SalenGo subscriber they refer. Any visitors coming from your site, your blog or your links who sign up for a pay subscription on automatically generate commission for you.

  • To become a SalenGo Affiliate, you need to have an account on (even free) and apply the affiliate program who handle all the tracking, reporting, and payment.
  • Post your SalenGo affiliate links on your website or blog or send emails to your contacts thought our platform.
  • Follow your evolution and get paid !

Join the progam, visit our affiliates page. We look forward to working with you as a SalenGo affiliate!

(*) pay subscription only.
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