Annoncing Release of SalenGo API !
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SalenGo API

I'm excited today to announce we're launching our SalenGo API!

Build a public application based on our API and we offer you free months subscription

What is it? The SalenGo API enables people to make apps, add features to your existing applications, and build an impressive billing system with a few lines. For a single developer, this means he/she can build insanely complicated apps in a weekend (since all the work is already done).

What can you do with it? Well, lots. For example, developers can built an application billing that allows you to monthly charge your subscription clients. There is tons of application ideas you can do, and he will really really saves you time and effort.

But it's not just the freelance developers. A large sales organization could build a mobile app to handle their expenses for example: when a new expense is submitted, the system could automatically charge the company or clients for that. Perhaps a third party company could also connected to submitted expenses and pre-approved/processing them based on your company ‘rules – which could easily be charge on per item.

Currently, a majority of e-commerce applications have a billing application built-in, but only with few options; there is no extended reporting, Client database, etc… Connected those applications to a central and professional billing application will provide you plenty of features and resources.

So head over to our developer page or the APIexplorer and we'd love to hear your feedback.

For developers, we had some specific goals:
  • People should be able to build businesses on the API
  • It needed to be super friendly for developers (RESTish)
  • We wanted the best interactive API docs around. If we are missing some entries, let us know and we will add them.
What's next? Expect more endpoints and more examples. Want to get your app featured or chat about the API? Email us at
Thanks and Happy Invoicing!
The SalenGo Team
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