The benefits of SaaS and Cloud

Significant benefits in the use of on-demand software

Features on Saas & Cloud... ... And what you win!
No Contract. Sharing of hardware and software resources. Optimization.

Control and cost reduction

Automatisation. Standardisation.
Elasticity of resources.

No constraints. Minimum investment.

Control and cost reduction

Started in minutes.
Change whenever you want.

Continuous innovation. Ease of evolution. One version of software.

Always the latest version

Frequent new features installed.
Fewer bugs. Quick Fixes.

Standards-based. Robustness. Real-time backups.

Agility & Availability

Corrective fast. No maintenance costs. High availability.

Connected & distributed.

Accessible from the Internet

Terminals connected with a browser. Increased availability of information shared.

Authentication. Replication. Encryption. Isolation Management.


Secure access. Secure exchange. Secure data.

Compare the cost of traditional software with SaaS in the cloud computing

Traditional software SaaS in the Cloud
Materials Purchase costs of materials. No hardware.
Software Purchase of licenses or open-source licenses. No license. Pay for the service.
Additional costs Installation, configuration, adaptations et maintenance No additional costs. No hidden costs.
Ease of deployment Several days or weeks. Create your account in 60 seconds.
Support et maintenance Additional costs to be expected. Included in the payment of the service. Contact support online and get help immediately
Added functionality Expect the next version or request a specific development. New features continuously. Submit your ideas for the roadmap.
Return on Investment Months or years. Not applicable (No investment).