Create an Estimate, an Invoice

All your contacts and invoices at your fingertips - Free with without any Time Limit !
  1. Add a Client

    1. Click +Contact button, select the Client tab then select the button ‘Add’
    2. Enter the Information you want for your Client, You can add as many different contacts and addresses you want per Client.
    3. Once it's Save, it’s done.
  2. View your client's information

    1. Click on +Eye button.
    2. Get access to all your Client's information from the different tabs :
      • General Information
      • All transactions
      • Outstanding Situation and Monthly Balance
      • Account Statement
      • List of Contacts
      • List of Addresses
      • List of Emails exchange
      • List of Payments
      • All Notes
      • Specific Prices for your Client
      • Scheduled Tasks
      • Statistics
      • History
  3. Create Groups

    1. Click on +Groups button.
    2. Change / Add / Remove your list of Contacts and Group them by Groups.
    3. Once save, all your listes and groups will appear in your Contact menu.
  4. Import your Contacts

    1. Click on +Import button.
    2. Upload your CSV file
    3. Confirm relationship between your fields and SalenGo
    4. Import Contacts !