Software for artisans

Artisans or self-employed entrepreneurs who created their structures SalenGo is a simple online software solution (i.e. no software to install) to make your estimates and invoices easily by replacing your notepads, Excel / Word or billers.

With a few clicks, it is possible to create an estimate, edit an invoice, and send it either by ground mail or by email. Creating, reading and storing customer records become simpler and neater. Simply manage a stock of products is accessible to all. With SalenGo, track your bills and the collection becomes a breeze.

This software designed for artisans, entrepreneurs, self-employed entrepreneurs, associations and TPE allows you to simply and quietly start your business with customer management, materials management and inventory and monitoring your business through analysis reports like a professional.
Salengo devis template

Depending on the products or services that you offer to your customer, it is very simple to create a product or service. To do this, click on the "Add Item" and choose the type of service you provide (product or service). A form will appear on the screen. Fill the fields, specify VAT rate to apply and save the item. To easily manage your stock, you can fill the "Quantity" field.

SalenGo is a software to quote, bill and management of your customers with intuitive and user-centered. Its simplified interface represents an immediate gain in time. Your customers have access to their own profile and thus can see and comment on estimates and invoices. You always know your situation and you can resume your customers at any time. Saving your time, your money and increase your productivity is our 1st goal.