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clubvolta.png Managing an incubator by SalenGo

Our range of low cost office for start-up in West of Paris worked well.
      With two centers we went from 5 invoices per month to more than 50 , in less than 3 years.
      Our customers are often small businesses or even projects that companies have not yet created. We must be flexible in terms of billing and receipts - vigilance is vital.

      In fact inside the incubator, we conclude that - to succeed - , we must prepare our estimates FAST, and charge the client EARLIER .... a little bit immature, but Star-up are understaffed chronically , often slow to charge or not charge right.
      SalenGo is for us the ideal product. Not worth thinking process ; is fast and clear.
      Reminders are quickly issued archiving is very rigorous.

      With SalenGo we can manage without hiring a managing assistant, my partner and I charge our clients directly, and it does not take much time, we still can fend for themselves.
      We also took the app for our other company 'SCI', it's great even for an invoice per month.
      - Access everywhere: in the office, on vacation, at home
.       - Recurring bills , ideal for regular billing ( home monthly )
      - Sending automatic mail and by mail, our customers are pure mail players
.       - Visibility and so lucidity on late payments and outstanding
      - Grip immediate
      - Specifications and commands are provided
.       8 months ago we use SalenGo, we have seen many improvements appear and nobody asks us to pay more for new releases.

      If someone wants more informations on SalenGo you can contact our email , we will be happy to help you . Continue !

Vincent Deumier -  Club Volta - Club Astra / Business Incubator (France)

2bpatrimoine.jpg The Council Wealth Management ! But how?

Through a comprehensive approach, the role of 2B Patrimoine is to provide you assistance in analyzing and organizing your personal and business assets, and enable you to achieve realistic goals you set for yourself, protect your family and yourself, improve your future retirement, increase your wealth by optimizing your financial situation, estate and tax.


Thank you for SalenGo making me discover the solution. This billing tool is for me a huge time saver, because it is "the solution" to issue an invoice in less than 2 minutes.

Time spend on Excel is over, and my time I optimize today even with this tool, easy to use, and can be found quickly thanks to the availability of SalenGo team. with this, I devote more time to my clients and my business approaches.

I do not hesitate now to introduce my clients SalenGo website; you will be satisfied.

Christophe Decaix -  2B Patrimoine (France)

SCI FV.png Management of 'SCI' by SalenGo

We issue between 2 and 13 invoices per month for our real estate activity 'SCI FV', it's pretty much but it is not nothing.
      We used Excel cobbled bills for our regular rental billing and numerous small repayments.
      It apparently worked not too bad, but we had errors, we do not count the stopover time is lost in transmission and reconciliation of payments informations.

      Failover on SalenGo Application has changed our lives : billing is super fast, invoice numbers in sequence unstoppable have reconciled us with the accounting firm , monitoring of receipts is relax, email reminders for unpaid is very effective in terms of recovering the cash (checks arrive alone ).
I now redo my billing myself, without effort!
      Thank SalenGo and, of course, Amandine , the intern who convinced me to adopt it.

      You can stream my testimony if you wish , good luck for the future!
Vincent Maisson (France) -  SCI FV